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Seriously. Blogging. What does the word even mean? And why on earth would anyone in their right mind want to keep  “a blog”?

Remember those teenage diaries that you came across last time you dug into the depths of your memory box / “junk drawer”/ wardrobe/ attic / hoover cupboard/ sofa (delete as appropriate)? The ones which you started to read, but then slowly closed again once you started to hear the 13 year old spotty you discuss your serious crush on Mulder from X-Files? Yes – well, luckily those naïve little words will forever stay bound in that diary; your high school crush on a guy who now has seriously receding hair and a bit of podge, will never to see the light of day or the eyes of others. You can rest, safe in the knowledge, that you can send that dusty diary back to the black hole at the bottom of your drawer with the numerous numbers of tweezers, random socks and the odd £5 note that have vanished over time. But blogging? Nope. Not so great. You utter those words, you press the button…and a whole host of friends, family, work colleagues, and mental patients (with internet access) can read whatever you happen to write.

So – really….what on earth is it all about? Is it born of a very simple human necessity to engage with others? Is it a modern form of cave painting or art – simply a “hey, I was here” scribble on a virtual wall? Or is it an opportunity to play with words and create something that is just….you?

I’ll be honest – I love a bit of human engagement, I love a bit of finger painting, and a love a good play with words…but blogging I’ve always managed to circumnavigate with a slight sense of fear. An expose of “me” can only lead to trouble. And who would read it? And who would care?

But it doesn’t take much to notice that I’m slowly getting sucked into this whole thing. We are all starting to blog in one way, shape or form – whether we embrace it or not. The amount that I live my life through Facebook is rather shameful. The amount I know about friends and the ease in which I can put together a social overview of everyone without even speaking to them, is frightening. The amount of times where a friend has complimented me on a top or dress which I was wearing in a photo posted 3 months ago, is kind of…ummm….alarming. We’re all online, we’re all sharing, tweeting, liking, tumblring. So why not give blogging a go?

And here’s where I’m going to be really honest. Because I’m like that. Honest. My inability to lie is well known. It has caused problems in the past. And I’m sure it will in the future. “Liar, Liar” did not get it wrong; when you can’t lie – life is a fucking MINEFIELD.  So rub your hands with glee and await the many faux pas that will come your way. Why do I want to give blogging? Well – here goes…

Not only do I like playing with words; I think the rhythm of writing, I like the formation of sentences and paragraphs. I like thinking about things from a different perspective and writing about it. But – what blogging and tweeting and Facebooking also does for me is….it fills a gap.

Work, social life, exercise, sleep – life is a million miles an hour at the moment. And being a single woman in London…there is a distinct lack of someone to tell about those everyday, individual experiences that you have all the time. Those experiences that make you smile, laugh, cringe….the intricacies of life that you want, and should, be able to share with other people. But it’s not just a remedy for - dare I say the word - loneliness. It’s more than that….

Life is beautiful and frightening, textured and simple – everyone’s experience is different and individual. Why not share it, blog it and read it? The fabric of all of our lives can be woven together and understood so easily through the vast array of blogs and tweets and Facebook posts. Is it not an opportunity to explore the richness of life in all one place?

And when you think of it like that - instead of regarding blogging as an opportunity for a bunch of self obsessed nutters crying out to be heard - blogging can actually seem a rather wonderful thing.

 I’m well aware that it sounds like I’ve talked myself out of a paper bag here, and that there’s a distinct sense of irony in the title. But, this is where I start. Blogging. I don’t get it. I don’t really have a clue why we do it. It’s a little bit scary and god knows I’ll probably regret it.

But that’s not going to stop me giving it a go….